Kabrita goat milk nutrition

The Kabrita dairy brand has a worldwide reputation for top quality dairy products based on Dutch goat milk. The Kabrita name is derived from the Spanish word 'cabrito' which means 'little goat'. Aside from the name, Kabrita's roots are entirely Dutch.

The Dutch goat milk used for our Kabrita goat milk nutrition is known for its pleasant, mild taste. This goat milk comes from Dutch goat farmers. Kabrita products are produced entirely in the Netherlands before being exported worldwide to local distributors who in turn supply their consumer markets.

Why goat milk nutrition? 

We have combined the natural benefits of goat milk with our modern-day formulations to create Kabrita; a range of gentle goat milk nutritional products, packed full of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and/or prebiotic fibers.

Here’s an overview of what these vital nutrients can offer:

  • Vitamins

    Vitamins are needed to support a healthy growth and development. Goat milk is naturally rich in vitamin A, D, B1, B2 and B12.  In addition, Kabrita’s goat milk nutrition have been supplemented to ensure each target group gets the vitamins needed in optimal levels.
  • Minerals

    Minerals (just like vitamins) are needed by our body to support healthy growth and development. Goat milk is a natural source of calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, zinc and iodine. But just like with vitamins, other minerals might be added to Kabrita´s goat milk nutrition to ensure each target group gets the minerals needed in optimal levels
  • Fatty acids (DHA & AA)

    DHA and AA are omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that support the natural growth and development of the brain and eyes. The body needs these healthy unsaturated fatty acids, but often does not produce enough on its own. Breast milk naturally contains these fatty acids and they are also added to Kabrita goat milk formulas to ensure young children get a sufficient amount of them as well.
  • Prebiotic fiber (FOS & GOS)

    FOS and GOS are prebiotic fibers that stimulate the growth and activity of healthy gut bacteria. Prebiotic fibers are important for the human body, because they support the natural immune system and help to keep the intestinal health in balance. Breast milk naturally contains prebiotic fibers and Kabrita’s goat milk formulas are also enhanced with FOS and/or GOS prebiotic fibers.

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