Your brand infant formula

With our business group Hyproca Lypack, we work with customers to develop and produce their very own infant formula brand. With our own production sites in the Netherlands and our expertise in the field of product development, production facilities and packaging concepts, we are able to offer tailor made infant nutrition meeting the highest quality standards.

Product development

Our qualified R&D team can develop a product on the basis of ready-made recipes, however, also offers advice with regard to product characteristics. We have the know-how to adapt baby milk powders to the locally applicable legislation and regulations of the countries they are to be distributed.

Manufacturing & packaging baby milk powder

Our infant and toddler formulas are produced in the Netherlands, where we own two baby milk powder factories. Our good entry to high quality raw materials, the total control throughout the complete process chain, as well as our experienced workforce, allows us  to offer our customers the best possible product.

The activities in our factory in Kampen focus on the production of semi-finished baby milk powder. This milk powder is composed off a mix of our famous Dutch high quality milk, whey protein, lactose, vegetable fat and some heat stable minerals and vitamins. This mix is spray dried after which the powder is gas flushed packed in big bags. After testing on chemical and bacteriological parameters and a positive release out of quarantine, the powder is transported to our factory in Leeuwarden, where it is dry blended and specific ingredients are added. Finally the end product is packed and ready to be transported to our customers and distributors. 

Want to know more?

Watch the video for a look behind the scenes of our baby milk powder factory in Leeuwarden. Or take a look at our products and packaging page for a more detailed description of our services.

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