Our packaging techniques

The Hyproca Lypack business group also takes care of the packaging of the products. Clients can choose from various types of packaging, comprising cans and sachets in a range of sizes and weights. In addition we supply in bags, big bags or bulk. Our packaging facilities and processes create a controlled atmosphere in the packaging, which ensures a long shelf life for the formula.


Canned infant formula

Cans are available

  • in diameters of 99 / 127 / 153 / 189  millimetres,  in various heights
  • with a packaged product weight from 360 grams to 2500 grams
  • with a variety of closures
  • and a choice of labelling

Infant formula in sachets

Sachets are available

  • in various sizes up to 590 millimetres
  • with a packaged product weight from 25 grams to 2500 grams
  • in pillow bag or block bottom shapes
  • as a bag in box