Formula for each life stage


Growing children have growing needs. Our milk formulas are geared to the needs of growing children in various age categories. The Hyproca Lypack business group offers services for the development and production of these formulas. Hyproca Lypack can also develop and produce special formulas, geared to the nutritional requirements of the target group.

Infant formula l 0-6 months

Breast milk is of course the healthiest and most nutritional baby food. We therefore support breastfeeding alone for the first six months of a baby's life, according to the recommendations of the World Health Organisation. We also advocate breastfeeding for as long as possible after that period. For babies who have no access to breastfeeding, we develop and produce quality infant formulas as an alternative.

Follow-on formula l 6-12 months

The switch can be made to follow-on formula after six months. The products in this category are designed to improve and support the immune system of children from that age.

Growing-up formula l 1-6 years

Besides the essential nutrients, ingredients can be added to give a positive effect on the development of the brain, nervous system and immune system.

Special formulas

We can also develop products for specific target groups, such as babies with special nutritional needs. In addition our clients can opt for the production of flavoured, Halal certified and Kosher certified milk formulas.